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About Us

My first encounter with Leonberger dogs was in 2009.  My husband, Dave, and I were in Cincinnati, Ohio for a nephew's wedding.  We were walking along the river and there was a man walking a dog that I had never seen before - a Leonberger!  I spent about  30 minutes talking to him about the breed and his dog in particular.  It was love at first sight.  We had two Golden Retrievers at the time, but this encounter planted a seed in my mind.  A couple of years later we saw another Leonberger in London, while visiting our daughter and her family.  That confirmed that Leonbergers were the dog I wanted in my future.  I have always had large dogs from Old English Sheepdogs to Norwegian Elkhounds to Golden Retrievers. When our two Golden Retrievers died a couple of years later we bought an Irish Setter and I started my search for a Leonberger.


My search led me to Cindy Hunt with Concorde Ridge Leonbergers in Grimsby, Ontario.  Cindy raises outstanding Leonbergers, all champions in the Canadian Kennel Club and the AKC.  I was interested in a Leonberger puppy for potential breeding and Cindy was willing to mentor me and chose a healthy show-quality puppy for me.  Sophie's parents, Libby and Schubie, were excellent examples of the breed standard.


After Sophie passed all of her health tests, as required by the Leonberger Club of America, a new search for a stud dog led me to Nancy and Harry Austin of Dyke, Virginia.  Crusoe is an outstanding stud dog, healthy, of sound temperament and exemplifies the breed standard.  We are looking forward to this breeding in the fall of 2017.


Dave and I live on a small farm outside Fayette, Iowa in beautiful Northeast Iowa. Dave raises Belgian Draft Horses.  We also own a Norwegian Fjord horse for our grandchildren to ride! A small flock of Romney Sheep and a small apple orchard add to our enjoyment on our farm.

Our dogs are our companions and share our home, both inside and outside. Sophie's puppies will be raised in our home but also, when old enough have lots of encounters with the outside, which includes barn cats!


Our goal as breeders is to follow the Leonberger Club of America's breeding guidelines to help us produce large, healthy dogs with good bone, great movement, beautiful coat and a loving temperament.


We will socialize our puppies so they will make good family pets. They will be microchipped, health checked by our vet, and have their crate training started.


If you believe you can provide a good home to these lovable puppies please contact us.  We look forward to our Leo puppies going to good homes and having a close relationship with the new owners.

Sophie's Team

Dave & Sue Runyon


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