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About Sophie

CR Quiana Sophia, "Sophie", was born on October 22, 2014 at Concorde Ridge Leonbergers in Grimsby, Ontario. Her Sire is Altair Vom Welland and her Dam is CR Imagine That. She was one of 14 healthy, active puppies that are in homes across Canada and the USA.

Sophie, Sue & Dave
This is Sophie at 8 weeks!  We traveled to Grimsby, Ontario to pick her up.  We chose Concorde Ridge Leonbergers in Grimsby because of their outstanding Leonbergers.  Both of Sophie's parents are Champions and registered with the Canadian Kennel Club.  Sophie is registered with both the Canadian and American Kennel Club.


Sophie was a beautiful, cuddly puppy! Her black mask is outstanding.

Sophie & Brandy

Sophie loves our Irish Setter, Brandy.  They still play together.  Both dogs are in and out of our home during the day.  They want to be with us so it depends on where we are!  We have about 3 acres fenced, so they have plenty of exercise room.

Sophie, Calvin & Bria

Sophie loves children, a strong characteristic of the breed.  She follows our grandchildren around when they are on the farm and makes sure they stay out of trouble.